The other day I was watching Golden Girls (don’t judge me!) and an episode came on where Blanche was being hit on by Dorothy’s new beau. Blanche agonized over whether or not she should tell her friend about her shady man, but finally decides she wants to protect her friend and tells her. What happened next was something that keeps most women from spilling the beans….Dorothy told her off and accused her of being jealous. Then to top it off, when Dorothy asked her man in front of Blanche, he of course lied and said no, further driving a wedge between the two friends. Of course since it was a half hour show by the time the 30 minutes were up the man was history and Dorothy and Blanche were back to being BFFs.

In the real world however things don’t wrap up so neatly. Telling your friend that their man is trying to get with you can prove disastrous. I know ‘grown’ women who have ended up in fist fights and gone to jail over such accusations and even if it doesn’t go that far, if the friend is head over heels the chances of them believing you are slim to none. The result? Unlike Dorothy and Blanche you can end up never being friends again, years of sharing and friendship completely down the drain. But what’s a good friend to do? If you don’t tell you look like you were trying to steal her man, if you do tell you’re the jealous, lonely friend trying to steal her man. See the dilemma? It ends up being a tossup; you either tell and risk your friendship or keep quiet and pray she sees the light eventually.

Would you tell?

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