Porn in Los Angeles is a pretty big deal. This town revolves around entertainment and when folks get here and realize that they’re at the bottom of the barrel talent or looks-wise they turn to porn. So it’s not as shady as it sounds that Jon Dancler was making his rounds as a parking enforcement officer and was asked by a woman on the street to take a bit-part in a sexy movie. And it’s almost not shady that he’s lobbying to get his job back and claiming “it was really surreal” and he was “caught totally unaware.” Almost. Watch:

One thing that has stood out for me about Los Angeles since moving here 18 months ago is that almost all of the parking enforcement workers are black people. The other thing that has stood out is that they are not cops. You know LAPD when you see it and in spite of the uniform and his affiliation with the city, this man is not a police officer and whoever was making that adult movie really went the bootleg route by asking him to jump in. The last time I checked the fantasy is about a sexy officer, not a sexy meter maid.

Meanwhile, when I look at this guy all I can think of is “WHERE THE WHITE WOMEN AT?” This dude thought he hit the jackpot having some random chick get all in his face and is now acting like circumstances — not his own horniness — got him caught up touching boobs and smacking some half-naked woman’s booty? Please.

Get real, homie. It’s not like you committed a crime, but I don’t see why you should get a pass for appearing in any commercial production in a city uniform and vehicle, let alone a skin flick. I reccommend looking into security gigs and learning how to control yourself.

What do you think? Should Dancler have been fired? Should he get his job back?


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