More than ever, fashionistas are mixing vintage garments with modern clothing to create a unique timeless style. Vintage doesn’t refer to finding a five year-old Forever 21 shirt at your local thrift store. Vintage clothes are made from quality fabrics that have been well restored for at least 20 years and usually in mint condition.

What should you look for when shopping for vintage?


You want to check the lining for rips because tears along seams are always hard to get fixed. Look out for small holes as well. If your vintage has buttons, make sure they are still in place because finding a replacement for vintage buttons is nearly impossible. If you spot a stain, you may have a hard time getting rid of it. When the stain is on the hem or near the sleeve, you can always do alterations with a tailor to cut the stain out.

Try It On.

Sizing measurements have changed over the years. Sometimes a size small could be smaller than you think it should be. Sometimes a size “Extra Large” from years ago could be like medium size today. When you are shopping online, it is important to know your hip, waist and bust measurements by using a tape measure.

Remember Bigger Size Means Opportunity.

If you try on something that is too saggy or baggy, you can always find a way to make it fit your body. You can belt it or tuck it. You can grab a sewing kit to alter the vintage or pay a tailor to change into a modern piece of clothing.

Think I Will Wear, Not Costume.

There is a fine line between wearing vintage successfully and looking like an extra in one of the Austin Powers movies. Look for pieces that will tie in with current trends and you will actually wear more than once.

Just Ask.

Don’t be afraid to ask addition questions when shopping at vintage store or online. Whether you are asking about the history of the garment or asking how to clean and store the piece, vintage shop owners will have answers.

– Paulette Wilson

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