TLC is entering the “black women who argue with each other about things that aren’t really important” category in a partnership with the producers of the Real Housewives franchise. This show, which does not yet have a release date, will center around the wives of Atlanta’s prominent preachers.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

“We are excited to work with TLC to profile the lives of these strong-willed women,” True Entertainment president Steven Weinstock says. “With most praise in religious communities directed towards male preachers, we are thrilled to give these remarkable ladies the spotlight they crave and deserve.” The series will not only follow the women as they play out their role as preacher’s wives in the congregation, but also give a view of their home lives and how they balance both roles.

I’m a big fan of reality television, both as a guilty pleasure and just as a twisted view of the world with a glimmer of social education value, but the constant focus on cat-fighting and meaningless beef in recent seasons has made these shows a little stale. And now “Preacher’s Wives”? I hate to accept it but this concept has gone way too far.

I’m not sure how the religious community will react to watching women who should be admired depicted as drama divas, and I certainly cannot hope that the creators of the Real Housewives franchise, which mainly traffics in women arguing and has earned major dollars for doing so, will soften their formula any just because the husbands of the women on the show are in the pulpit. The idea that these women are “craving” attention doesn’t sound quite right to me, and I’m especially wary of descriptions of black women that include words like “strong-willed,” which is too often a euphemism for sassy, overbearing, or angry.

What do you think? Has this genre gone too far or would you watch Preacher’s Wives?

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  • Please Excuse Me

    What’s next pimp wives, thug wives, First ladies of the white house, sanitation wives, cop wives, etc.

    • Blasé

      LOL! @ sanitation wives. i just might watch that one.

      on a serious note though – reality tv seems bent on putting out the worst side of women. the bulk of them are about vain, conceited, ghetto women who act like hood rats and like every stereotype society holds of women. frankly, i’m tried of the the bachelor(rette) series and all shows like that as well as the wives series. we really deserve better. reality tv can do better.

  • t.

    how is this already being criticized? wait until it comes out before you decide that the wives will be “drama divas”….it might end up being a positive thing.

  • Fox

    Nobody is making these women sign up for this. They want the drama and mess. Let’s see what high-fallutin “ladies” sign up for this one.

  • This is insanity!! Is there no end to what people will do for a “name” and a couple of bucks. We don’t need anyone else throwing anymore darts at the body of Christ–namely,our fellow Christians. I pray that this show gets the ax before airing.

  • I am guilty. I never watch much reality at all, but I would give this one a go.