4 Fashion Editors Style We Love — There is nothing like being in charge and looking fabulous while doing it. With the popularity of street style, the faces behind our favorite print and online publications are becoming style mavens we like to keep up with. Like fashion bloggers, there are many editors that are inspiring many women’s personal style choices. We searched the web to find four amazing editors in the world of fashion that influence the way many women dress. (Continue Reading…)

5 Tips For Growing Out Your Natural Hair After A Big Chop — Since I made the decision to go natural a year ago, I’ve fielded as many questions about growing hair as styling it. While long hair is desired by many women no matter their texture, for naturals, who have big chopped, it’s a bit more complicated. You literally have to grow your hair back from scratch all while getting to know your new texture and learning how to style and manage it. See? No easy feat. (Continue Reading…)

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