Jay-Z to still use the word bitch in lyricsAfter it was reported that Jay-Z was ditching the b-word in light of the birth of his daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, people had a lot to say. While many gave the rapper props for his supposed conversion, others called b.s., and took the rapper to task for being so comfortable using the b-word despite being raised by his mother and being a married man.

Welp…the conversations of whether or not we can give Jay a pass on his past verbal transgressions can cease, because according to his reps , Hov still plans to wield all of his word–yes, including ‘bitch’–in his future lyrics.

So where’d the confusion stem from? Apparently the blog Rolling Out posted a poem written in Jay-Z’s voice to his newborn daughter. The poem wasn’t penned by Jay, but it was picked up by blogs and shared around the web, and the story of Jigga banishing the b-word from his lyrics was born.

While reports about Jay dropping the b-word seem to be false, the conversations happening around our capacity to change and forgive others for their harmful actions have been extremely interesting and necessary.

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