As if The Smiths don’t have enough going on with the rumors of Jada proceeding to file from divorce from Will, this week Willow Smith posted a picture of herself dancing on a stripper pole with a caption that read “Vegas Chick.” *Gasp*

Not long after the picture was posted it was taken down. I am assuming her people realized the negative attention that this picture would incite. But they weren’t that fast, upwards of 500 people had a chance to view the picture before it disappeared. And this is just weeks after Willow was spotted wearing a Nicki Minaj-inspired wig, a gift from the rapper herself.

There are so many questions that can be asked of this situation, including where Jada and Will were when this picture was taken, why was Willow even in a club in Las Vegas, who took this picture? Etc.

The most important question, however, is: Is Willow Smith growing up too fast? Her career is just beginning and it already appears to be heading down the wrong path. Jada and Smith have both expressed before that they allow their kids the freedom to make decisions about their life including their clothes and personal style and I encourage that for all children. But it’s important that we as adults maintain some level of authority, set an example for them and know where to draw the line. There is nothing cute or acceptable about an 11 year-old playing on a stripper pole and thinking it is okay to post the picture online for millions to see.

What impression is this giving to the millions of young girls that Willow has as fans?

-Nikia Pope

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