“We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all we need to make us really happy is something to be enthusiastic about” – Charles Kingsley

What excites you? What stirs your imagination and makes you smile from the inside out? For me, it’s words and music. Both of these things inspire me, so I couldn’t imagine a life without them. Luckily, I’ve designed my goals around what brings me joy. Instead of still being a public school teacher, I made the leap to full-time writer. Sure I gave up cushy things like free health care, a steady paycheck, and steady retirement savings, but I was slowly slipping into depression. Now, I may not have all the perks (or rather, I have to pay for them), but I’m waaaaaay happier.

What are you enthusiastic about? Have you incorporated those things into your daily life?



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  • fuchsia

    I’m enthusiastic about brightly colored fabrics. I can play with fabric all day creating and dreaming and experiencing a type of joy that I remember from childhood. I’ve always incorporated this into my daily life but recently found the courage to make it a central part of my career goals. It took years of battling my father about the validity of a career in art/fashion, because “if it doesn’t make dollars then it didn’t make sense” to him. Then amazingly he quit his job as an engineer to pursue a culinary arts degree and become a chef. I guess daddy had some unrealized dreams of his own. He admits it’s worth the struggle, and I’m happy to say I couldn’t agree more.

  • CD86

    “What excites you? What stirs your imagination and makes you smile from the inside out?”

    Nothing. I don’t have the ability to get enthusiastic about things either.

  • KristinaAmira

    Baking, Anything in Hobby Lobby or Michaels, and Cooking! Same here I got laid off from a huge fortune 10 company and now I bake, make Greek Paddles, and make candy for a living. I love it!!

  • TheBlackBelle

    Fashion, sex, makeup and laughter! All these things just give me a big ole kool-aid smile! Gives me life!