Joining over twenty other candidates who each hope to depose the 85-year old incumbent, Grammy-winning musician Youssou N’Dour has announced his bid for Sengal’s presidency. The current president, Abdoulaye Wade, has been in power for over ten years and is currently seeking a third term thanks to an electoral law loophole.  Wade’s presidency has been plagued by economic woes, accusations of corruption, and a particularly outrageous attempt to change the constitution to allow his son to takeover as his successor without an election.

News One reports:

“For a very long time, many Senegalese of different backgrounds have called for my candidacy for the presidency next February,” Ndour said. “I’ve listened, I’ve heard and I am responding favorably to their request. I am a candidate. It’s a supreme patriotic duty, the best I can give of myself. I am the alternative to the current leadership in place in the country.”

Ndour, 52, is well known in Senegal for his scathing critique of the country’s ruling party. He already owns a hugely popular private radio station that holds regular debates featuring government critics.

And he has a newspaper that routinely highlights corruption allegations involving the country’s ruling elite, including the president’s family.

The election is only two months away so there is no doubt that N’Dour’s wide reach and popularity will be an asset in weeks to come.

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  • Amy

    I really love Youssou Ndour as a singer but I think he shouldn’t run for president. He’s a successful businessman too but to me, he doesn’t have what it takes to be president.

  • AJ

    @ Amy…yes I fully agree
    Where do I begin to state how he should not do this. My BF told me he was going to run..

  • Aissa

    I like Youssou but with so many intellectuals Senegal has, I don’t think he is the right person to run the country. I think he is running because the situation with the current president, Mr Wade, is that bad. He knows he won’t win it but he also knows some people will definitely vote for him and he is going to use theirs vote to support whoever arrive on the second round against Mr Wade in order to have him out of the race. Let see what will happen…

  • African Mami

    I heard this on the radio yesterday and I am TOTALLY against him running for presidency. Just because, I am on here on Clutch making suggestions on how Africa can be improved, does not mean that I could apply for a position as Head of Policy Recommendation in the UN-I need to be highly qualified!

    Youssour N’dour is a great musician one of my all time favorites, but my question is what leadership roles has he ever held-whether grassroots level or otherwise?! What DEGREE in Economics, Political Science or otherwise does he hold?!

    He needs to realize that just because the people are beckoning him to the political forefront, does not mean that he should heed to their cries. I would rather see him continue to have a stellar career as an accomplished musician and entertainer, than him to end it with bad governance-I’m not talking corruption-more so, I do not think he has what it takes to be the President of Senegal.

    On another note, I need for someone to send me achetke, and fish, done Senegalese style! My Midnight was Senegalese-he can RUN that damn country!

  • Beautiful Mic

    Youssou should stick to his calling – music. Leave the politics so someone else. He’s in his 50s and still puts out, new, good music that I enjoy listening to. Please, stick to music.