The most memorable part of Sunday night’s Grammy Awards broadcast may have the best the commercials; it was as if everything that advertisers couldn’t fit into the Superbowl ad blocks ended up there. The one that caught my ears and eyes the most was a Target commercial featuring a young black girl with a rather grown voice singing Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep.” Target had hunted her down after she appeared in numerous videos with the famed P.S. 22 Chorus; this is how dreams come true. Of course, I wasn’t the only person to take notice of this commercial and now videos of that young lady, 11 year old Denise Bestman, are circulating all over the internet. She can really sing and is definitely feeling the music! Watch her here for Target:

I don’t know how that’s supposed to make me shop at Target more often, but I sincerely hope its the start of a career in music for Miss Bestman!

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  • Vanessa Nelson

    YAY PS22, its right by my house and my little brother graduated from there. I thought the commercial was cute but then it got me thinking of the people that actually do sing on bus. I hate it and its obnoxious, it happens a lot in staten island. lol. I don’t know why grown people like to showcase to the world that they cant sing. : /
    But props to the little girl

  • SWGH

    Lmao @ the comments.

    Am I the only one who considers RITD to be an “easy” vocal? SLY, too.

    About the ad: good for the kids, but Miss Bestman is raspy and has a voice commensurate with her age, not beyond. That could work to her advantage – it worked for Macy Gray.

  • SWGH

    ^ A raspy voice worked for Macy Gray, I mean.

  • Shirl

    She sounds like a normal 11 year old singing along to her IPOD. I agree she’s adorable however nothing stands out about her voice. Sorry if that sounds mean…just my opinion.