Unless Apple Bottom Jeans make a comeback there won’t be much booty on the models you see in fashion ads, and we know this; clothing advertisements usually feature women of a certain size with certain body shapes that aren’t a match with what the average woman looks like. But Levi’s Curve ID, kind of like those old Apple Bottoms, feature a customized fit for women with curves. The problem with the brand’s latest ad is that its slogan is “Hotness comes in all shapes and sizes” but the models pictured are really in one shape and one size.

I tried looking at this picture sideways, upside down, and with squinted eyes and still cannot se how these women’s curves are supposed to be different from each other let alone cater to the idea that this brand is for “average” women. I even feel generous calling them curves at all, as there is not much junk in any of these near-identical trunks and all three women are rather thin about the thigh area.

The advertising watchdog blog Copyranter called this ad an insult to women size six and up due to its focus on thin women, but petite women have curves too and I think that’s the point Levi’s was trying to make, albeit poorly. I’m more confused about why a brand aimed at women with curves — a brand that has the word Curve in its name even — would demonstrate that they have no idea what body diversity means while trying to get women who are actually curvy to buy their jeans.

What do you think?

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