Even while she’s taking a break from the blinding glare of the spotlight and taking care of her new baby, Blue Ivy, Beyonce is still in demand.

Word on the street is X-Factor creator Simon Cowell wants King B to join his team and sign on as a judge for the show. Apparently, Cowell wants a pannel full of divas; he reportedly also tried to court Mariah Carey to join the team as well.

Although Bey or her people haven’t commented on Cowell’s offer, she is familiar with the show. Back in 2008, Beyonce performed on the British version of the show and even coached Alexandra Burke, the eventual winner.

So will we be able to tune in and see Bey every week? Who knows, but adding a superstar like Beyonce will likely help Cowell crush his American Idol competition once and for all.

Would you like to see Beyonce as an X-Factor judge?

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  • Maureen

    I would watch Beyonce but I do agree that her speaking skills are horrible


    Idk why people say she’s boring, she is not! She’s articulate as well! I guess if its not nene leaks or some fake conscious person, it’s not worthy of your time. bey is one of the best black entertainers of the last 20 years, give her the props she’s due. She has EVERYTHING you wish you had, maybe that’s why u hate her. And every cd she’s dropped solo has been HOT, 80% was CLASSIC music.

  • luciaon

    i like to see JANET jACKSON BE A JUDGE.

  • There is a lot to making it on a show like that, or being successful in a huge way like Beyonce. There is an art and a formula in my opinion. Of course it is the soul and a gift. I have some views on my blog if you fancy taking a read. Laters.