No matter how many changes black America goes through, one thing that has always made our community uncomfortable is the idea of losing faith in God. As part of a national Black History Month campaign, the organization African Americans for Humanism wants to get more of us to think critically about religion and provide support for those who are questioning or lacking faith. The group is currently drawing objections from religious leaders because of a billboard it would like to display in Dallas, Texas at an intersection surrounded by black churches. The group claims that it is not seeking to convert anyone away from Christianity, but some leaders and congregation members see it as much more than that. David Lane, the pastor of a church near the billboard site, had this to say:

“Traditionally African Americans come out of a tradition that is led and motivated by faith. We are where we are and we are who we are primarily because we’ve chosen to believe in a power that’s bigger than ourselves. It will create a lot of dialogue. There will be congregations of all kinds in this area who will be challenged by the fact that such a movement is at our door.”

The billboards do not bash Christianity or any particular way of life, but the dialogue the group is trying to open up is still one that many do not want to hear. Take a look at this news report to watch a member of African Americans for Humanism explain his beliefs.

The issue of religion has always been complicated in America, and even more so in the black community, but why is it so frightening to ask people to think about faith critically? How does it threaten your religion if someone else decides that they don’t believe what you do? I know that I’m asking the great unanswerable questions here, but I am really curious about what people think, especially those of you who are strongly religious or atheist.

Read more at Huffington Post.

What do you think of this campaign?

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  • Atheist & Proud

    Thank you Mr Jules! I used to think I was the only Black Atheist/Freethinker. Glad to know there are many of us out there.

    Funny how Christians harass people with their flyers everywhere (subway, streets, even at work) but won’t accept a non-religious group trying to publicize a humanistic message. How hypocrite is that! SMH.

    This is the land of free speech. and free religion. If religion or God is what you believe. That’s fine with me but don’t force everybody to become Christian, Muslim, etc. We non-believers have the right not to accept your religion.

  • pink

    Christians talk a good game; but what are they doing overall to make the world a better place??? From what I see religion/christians can be a very selfish endeavor. I have a BIG problem with the whole christianity thing. Most don’t practice what they preach. For example where are the ministers as it relates to our young black men killing each other everyday….visa vi black on black crime? Why aren’t ministers out marching in the streets, talking to young black men and telling them to stop killing each other, and try to get to the bottom of why they are REALLY killing each other? Wouldn’t that be the christian thing to do? Yes it would; but instead most ministers just continue to stand in their pulpits every Sunday and preach the same things they’ve been preaching for years, and years (and by the way things that people that have been in the church for years should already know). Christians and ministers keep doing the same things….nothing new.

  • Ms. Information

    @ Lori and Carlos…NOONE is going to read all of that..lol..scale back.

  • Faithful&True

    Blacks forget that prior to being dragged onto slave ships, they weren’t Christian. You are only a Christian because your slave masters gave you a white man to look over you when they couldn’t. BUT YOU’RE NOT SLAVES ANYMORE!!! Jesus doesn’t care about you now anymore than he did your ancestors that were stolen, enslaved and lynched; no more than Yahweh cared about his people when they were killed in the holocaust. So please grow up and get a life.

    FUN FACT: Between 800-1100 A.D. Baghdad, Iraq was the intellectual center of the world. Our whole number system, Algebra, complex mathematics, engineering, biology, and medicines came from there. It is where the intellectuals, religious and even atheists would come to talk, learn and grow. One day, a religious philosopher came along and said math was the work of the Devil. And guess what…. the intelligence and technology collapsed and has not been recovered since!!! Revelation replaced investigation. Now fast forward to 9/11.

    RELIGION KILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!