Continuing its increasingly well-established role of spotlighting artists of black interest that we’ve lost in recent years, Centric TV will feature the late Teena Marie in the next installment of its BEING series. BEING: Teena Marie will air on March 5, which would have been Marie’s 56th birthday, and feature archival footage of performances interwoven with interviews with Teena Marie and her now-adult daughter Alia Rose. Close friends and colleagues such as Smokey Robinson, Faith Evans, and Shanice Wilson are also included in the program.

Check out a preview clip here:

Will you check it out?

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  • Vicky

    Will def watch. Teena was a very gifted singer, songwriter, muscian & producer. She sang from her soul & without any autotune crap. She could SANG!!! If you never got to see her concert you missed out. Yeah there’s youtube footage but nothing beat being in the front row to see her. Oh another song to listen to Irons In The Fire. “Here I am I’m just a fragment of my God. Heavenly Father hear me sometimes life gets so hard, with you as my desire. Spirit’s gonna lift me higher I’ve got to keep my irons in the fire” She sang that before she was 24 so who knows how old she was when she wrote it. You don’t get those kind of lyrics today from whoever the flava of the month is. People who know music know who Teena Marie is. Is all I’m saying!

    • LeapYearBaby

      Thank you Vicky for your post on Teena Marie. She was truly talented. I saw her in concert six times and it was six times too few. First time was in 1981 with Rick James at the Forum in L.A., then again with Rick James at the Universal Amphitheater in 2004 just before he died.
      I was totally planning on seeing her again at the Nokia in February of 2011 but sadly it was not to be. I have loved her from the start and always will.
      I saw this Centric special tonight and had my heart break all over again. It really does sadden me to know I can never see her again.

  • Lady Tann

    I definitely will be tuning in tonight. I have been a huge fan of Teena Marie since i was around 10 yrs. old and I’m now in my mid-thirties. Not to many kids knew and felt “Out on a Limb” ,and claimed it as they’re favorite song at 10! A person cannot be “convinced” of Teena’s talent; either your a fan or your not. For me, it wasn’t just about Teena’s voice. It was the voice, the lyrics (which was poetry) at times. She had her own classic sound. I miss her. :-(.