• Ashley

    She is so late. Ombre-ing your hair is fading out for everyone. And it’s so stark, it’s unbelievable. It’s supposed to be a gradual change to mimic natural sun bleaching.

  • So Over This Ish

    She is a pretty girl but this is not a good look at all. I’m not a fan of ombre hair…just seems like a silly trend. Dark chocolate or auburn would be much better.

  • GoddessD

    I like it, I think she wears it well. Trend in or out, it’s her style. Ride it out Ciara! Lol

  • Some of you apes don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Teh Queen looks amazing and you bald, itchy scalp monkeys are NEVER doing it; ever.

    • Choc

      Lol clearly you have issues.

    • So Over This Ish

      WTF? Who are you calling “apes” and “monkeys”? Check yourself, boo.

    • V. Banks

      Let’s see if she can rock this with an AFRO texture!

  • mamareese

    Lately I think she’s trying to hard to be a fashion icon. Some of the things she’s been doing make her look gauntly more than fly. Also….don’t shoot Ri Ri trying something new….these chick aint far behind to get her 15 seconds. i aint made though get ya paper….Here4QueenAra why you mad for.