A recent study claims that “good deeds among men increase when presented with an opportunity to copulate,” and that “a good deed is the human equivalent of the peacock’s tail.” In other words, men behave more generously around attractive women.

The gist of the study is a charity game in which men made donations to group or public funds either in the presence of another man or a woman. The results showed that, by far, men gave more to the fund when an attractive woman was present. But the number of subjects was about the size of a few public school classes at 65 men, so big whoop. I share this with you not because there was some scientific breakthrough here, but because it got me thinking.

When it comes to giving to charity or being “generous” I can’t say what an attractive man will do to my goodwill. But I’m pretty sure that I adjust my behavior at least a little when one is around. Not that I turn into a Marilyn Monroe-esque vamp and fluff up my cleavage in the presence of a fine man (although some women do), but I do catch myself being a bit more demure, more soft-spoken, a little kinder, and smiling more. I don’t think I’m doing this in hopes that I’ll “have an opportunity to copulate,” but I do it anyway. I hate that the word “behave” describes this switch-up best, since that word is usually reserved for animals or children and in conjuring that connotation is anti-feminist — most of us have heard the saying that “well behaved women rarely make history.” Yet whether it’s society’s pressure or some biological urge, an attractive man will put me on “better behavior.”

What about you? Do you “behave” better around men?

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