Russell Simmons always seems to be doing so much. Between his multi-million dollar support of Occupy Wall Street and him jumping the gun to congratulate Taylor Lautner on coming out of the closet (a report that later turned out to be false), the guy seems to pop up all over the place supporting one cause or another. I guess his many businesses mostly run themselves and the guy really cares? Whatever puts the activist stride in his step, the music mogul is now taking up the cause of ending New York state’s relationship with cow’s milk.

In a letter to New York’s Governor Cuomo, Simmons argues that cow’s milk is less healthy than vegan alternatives such as soy milk and almond milk (Simmons is a vegan and active memeber of P.E.T.A.). Dairy farms are a huge part of the state’s economy, but he says that new business opportunities could offset potential losses and increase the health of New York’s residents.

Yes, doing a whole lot.

I’m not sure if switching to soy is a great solution, but the man does have a point. I’ve always found cow’s milk disgusting but completely cut dairy out of my diet a few months ago and really notice the difference. I miss cheese but the change has¬†significantly¬†improved my skin and digestion; so many people tell me the same thing about their relationship with dairy, especially other African-Americans. It’s not likely that folks will stop drinking real milk en masse, but it’s interesting that public figures are beginning to question its healthiness.

What do you think?

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