Sunday night film buffs sat glued to their TV screens oohing and ahhing over their favorite stars as they walked down the red carpet at the Academy Awards. Mixed in between the magnificence that was Viola Davis and the dapperness of Diddy, were many young starlets that looked absolutely stunning, but a little on the thin side.

This morning as I watched the Today Show, its panel of professionals–Star Jones, Dr. Nancy Snyderman, and Donny Deutsch–were still talking about the leg-seen-’round-the-world. While they thought Angelina Jolie looked marvelous, Dr. Nancy said she needed more meat on her arms.

Jolie is no stranger to having all eyes on her. To put it mildly she is a knock-out, some would even say sex personified. And although her dress, model strut, and flash of thigh sent the Twitterverse, blogs, and news media in a frenzy, many are wondering if she’s too thin.

Jolie has never been one to hold her tongue and she admits that she’s very thin…and it bothers her.

According to Now Magazine, Jolie said she’s aware that some think she has an eating disorder.

“People are always saying things like that. I’ve always been really thin. It’s ridiculous.” But she admits, “I am too thin. I don’t like that I’m that thin. When people tell me how thin I am, they think that’s a compliment in Hollywood. It’s disturbing.”

Policing other’s people’s bodies is always bad for business. It is not our job to tell someone they are too thin or too fat; each person has to decide what works for them. However, in a culture that often takes its cues from those in the public eye, it’s important to have honest discussions about how we view weight in our society.

While it’s easy to point out someone who has a few pounds to lose, thinness has always been seen as a good thing, especially in body-conscious Hollywood.

When Jennifer Hudson began losing weight and “feeling goooood,” many wondered if she was taking things a little too far. While J-Hud looks great, it seemed like others were worried she was setting an unreasonable example for her fans: Get skinny like me!

Weight is a complicated subject because it is so personal. What looks great on one person, doesn’t look so hot on another, and what we think is too thin or too fat is very subjective. However sometimes, things are very plain.

When it comes to weight, Clutchettes, how do you decide what is too thin for you?


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