RocawearRemember when Rocawear was ‘in’? Well, Jay-Z is hoping customers are feeling nostalgic and will shell out their hard-earned cash to help save the ailing company.

In a move to help save Rocawear from financial ruin, the Brooklyn businessman will be throwing his name and star power behind the struggling line.

While Jigga has had the platinum touch over the years–selling records, rocking sold out shows, and making sound business investments–Rocawear has continued to decline. Last year the urban-wear company showed dismal results, posting $500 million less in global sales and laying off employees.

Last year, Rocawear garnered press for its “Occupy All Street” tees, which attempted to capitalize off of the growing Occupy Wall Street movement. Many criticized the company, and Jay-Z, for refusing to share the profits from the shirts with the Occupy movement and being an example of the same corporate greed the protests were demonstrating against.

In an attempt to save the brand, Jay will  participate in several ads dubbed “From Marcy to Madison Square,” which will once again tout the Brooklynite’s rags to riches story.

But will it be enough?

What do you think? Can Jay-Z save Rocawear? 

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