According to TMZ, Joe Jackson has finally started selling the Michael Jackson tribute perfume that he announced way back in 2009 when his son died. It doesn’t look like his attempt to cash in on the pop star’s death are going very well, however; he spent a day as the special guest at the Julian Rouas Paris kiosk at The Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas with an MJ themed backdrop signing autographs, and I’m sure your common sense can guess how totally not-mobbed the scene there was.

But here’s the catch: Joe Jackson doesn’t have the legal right to sell any merchandise related to Michael Jackson, so the perfume is actually a “tribute” to the late singer’s story. Not only was Joe left out of Michael’s will, but another company owns the exclusive right to market and sell products under Michael Jackson’s name. That company filed a lawsuit asking for damages and sought to ban the product, so in response the fragrance is only called “Jackson” — no Michael — and seeks only to “honor the greatest superstar that has graced the world.” Joe Jackson also claims that because they family wants to stay private, the fragrance, which starts at $59, will only be available in malls and not in department stores.

It’s clear that relationships between families members can be complicated, especially when fame and money are involved, but Joe Jackson…really? You’re going to loophole your way into making a cologne that is clearly capitalizing off of your son’s success after his death when he expressly did not want you to profit from it in life? And then tell folks that you’re selling it at mall kiosks, with a Michael-esque backdrop no less — to stay private? It all reminds me of the off-brand sodas and cereals that are sold in grocery stores with names like “Dr. Thunder” and “Toasty-O’s” that are clearly supposed to be Dr. Pepper and Cheerios but just aren’t. Man, please…what a disgrace. And I can only imagine what it smells like.

What do you think of Joe Jackson’s business venture?

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  • Lisa

    I was in Vegas last weekend and it is not a ghost town but there wasn’t many people at the mall. It was more of a ghost town than Vegas was. I went to the Fashion Show mall solely to look at this perfume and hoping to catch a glimpse at Joe. The perfume does smell good and the lady at the kiosk was VERY nice. But when I asked her if Joe would be in that day she hum haad around. The perfume is kinda pricey, It was $50 for a 1.65 fl oz bottle and I debated on spending that much money for it but finally caved and bought it. After I decided to buy it the lady was more than happy to give me info about when Joe would be in. I hung around the mall for 2 hrs waiting for him and when he finally came he was not very friendly. He would not take pictures unless you’d bought his perfume. While I was getting his autograph a group of kids tried to take his pic and he freaked. Joe was not a pleasant man and when I asked to have a pic with him he very rudely said ‘not until you buy my stuff’ I told him I had and he had to see it before he would let me get a pic. Joe was EXACTLY the kind of person I had always thought he was. Not very nice.