Jordin Sparks and Jason DeruloMonday, singer Jordin Sparks stopped by the Today Show to sit in with host Hoda Kotb. During the show, Sparks talked about her starring role in the upcoming remake of Sparkle, her music, weight loss, and her newly public romance with fellow pop star Jason Derülo.

Along with her beautiful voice, the former American Idol winner is also known for her famous purity ring. Back then, the teenage Idol was very set on remaining a virgin until she was married, but now at 22 things in the game have apparently changed.

After Hoda Kotb asked her about her romance with Jason Derülo and whether or not she still wears her promise ring, Sparks left the door open to getting down with her man.

Sparks told Kotb, “You know what, I switch it from day to day — I don’t wear it exactly every day anymore. . . I can’t say what’s going to happen a couple months from now, or whatever. People grow, you know.”

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Although some of her more conservative fans may have an issue with Jordin’s new stance, she doesn’t seem worried. She told Kotb that young women should make the choice about whether or not to become sexually active on their own terms.

We agree.

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  • Valerie

    I think if shes a christian then she needs to wait til marriage. As a christain, thats the view you suppose to have and not so much go with how you feel or what you see the world doing. I know its hard. I waited til I was married to have sex and it was a huge HUGE struggle but I made it and Im glad I did. Of course I understand rethinking it. I did too because at 13 I too made a choice to wait but I had no clue what I was actually deciding because I had never felt like I was in love, never felt sexual sensation at that point, never even really thought about it. lol but I hope she doesnt loose her values and decides to wait til a man gives her his life before she gives up her body. <3

  • Kay

    If she was truly dedicated to her Christian beliefs in the first place she would have held strong to her promise of chastity. True values don’t change with time, people nor situations. So much for being a Christian role model for young girls…

  • Becky

    It’s one thing to make that promise before falling love and an entirely different thing to keep that promise when you’re head over heels in love. I don’t agree with the decision she’s made but understand it completely… I also gave up my virginity (at age 21) to a guy I was madly in love with. I should have waited for my husband… he helped me wait until our wedding night when I asked him to… that’s true love!