After Arizona State Rep.Richard Miranda voiced his support for “Latino Appreciation Day” in the state, his Republican colleague agreed, under one condition: White people would get their own day as well.

Rep. Cecil Ash explained: “I’m supportive of this proposition. I just want them to assure me that when we do become in the minority you’ll have a day for us,” Ash said.

In a state that has drawn attention for its harsh immigration policy and its efforts to do away with ethnic studies programs, this move–to appreciate whites who are quickly becoming the minority–comes as no surprise.

Rep Ash continued, “There was a little contention there so I was just really trying to lighten things up a little bit. I think it was appropriate. It was appropriate for the mood that was in the House and I think that if and when the Caucasian population becomes a minority, they may want to celebrate the accomplishments and the contributions of the Caucasian population the same way.”

Although he suggested it as a joke, the idea that white people are under attack and are experiencing reverse racism is nothing new.

Last year, CNN wondered if whites were being racially oppressed. Although the idea seems absurd on its face, a growing number of whites are beginning to feel as though they are being discriminated against.

The American melting pot is becoming more colorful. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, whites are expected to be the minority by 2050. Because of this, some white people are freaking out.

From the rise of the Tea Party claiming they “want their country back,” to an increase of “Whiteness studies” at colleges and universities, a growing number of white Americans are beginning to feel uneasy about a more diverse future, which leads to asinine requests such as instituting a “white appreciation day” as if most of what is already taught in schools isn’t already about white people.

Despite the fact that racism has little to do with the individual actions of people, but rather the systematic powers in place, some white Americans will continue to cry “reverse racism” when they feel others getting a bigger slice of their American pie.

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