Meagan Good

At just 30-years-old Meagan Good is an industry vet. The young beauty has lit up both big and small screens for the past 16 years and she’s only just warming up.

This month, Good covers Vibe Vixen‘s February issue and talks about her staying power in the business, balancing her faith with being a sex symbol, her love life, and hopefully snagging her dream role playing Whitney Houston in a biopic.

Check out some excerpts from the interview:

Meagan Good on dream role:
I want to do Whitney Houston’s life story. I think that would be an incredible story to do. I talked to Whitney a little bit about it, and she’s open to it, so I want to see what happens with that. Hopefully, in the very, very near future. She has Sparkle coming out, and I’ve heard good things about it already. I heard she looks beautiful, she sounds beautiful, she looks healthy and she’s the Whitney that we know and love. And so I think that would be a great place for her story to end and really just be beginning, if they were to do her life story right now.”

Meagan Good on her crazy moments in love:
I mean, when you find yourself walking out on the side of freeway in a different state at three o’clock in the morning because someone has pissed you off, and you are completely convinced that you’re walking to the airport that is over an hour away, you’ve pretty much lost your marbles there. [Laughs] Yeah, I’m not crazy like I’ll bust the windows out your car. I don’t like to be vindictive, but I am the type of person that’ll be like, ‘You know what? Nigga forget you, and I’ll be on my own!’ [Laughs] I’m one of those people who will mentally check out when I get so mad.”

What do you think of the cover?

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  • AJ

    For some reason, I never liked her. I don’t know what it is, I hope she continues to grow however.

  • Val

    Her career really went in the opposite direction that I thought it would. She started out in Eve’s Bayou, which was a great film, and now she’s doing films about video girls. I really thought she’d be an A list actress by now.

  • I so agree with the above statement. I do not know where she went wrong but her career has been so anticlimatic. Maybe she is a late bloomer in that case she still has time.

  • Kanyade

    I root for Meagan. She’s gorgeous and this cover is nice except it’s kinda dark. Too shadowed or something.

  • HonestlyBlack

    Ms Good said that she would like to play Whitney Houston…? I’d like to be king of the world, but do I deserve it. To imagine such a thing is almost blasphemy. Whitney Houston’s popularity was influenced by but not a result of mass marketing. Her “true” beauty and amazing talent are proof that a loving God provides for us in miraculous ways. Anyone (and I mean anyone) who struggled to realize the importance of music could benefit from a Whitney Houston performance. She could touch the most remote person with her voice. Ms Good touches young Black kids who have dreams of elevating their status to “Best of the Hood” level. Her acting is very contrived and her look appeals only to over exited young boys.
    Should she play Whitney Houston I think it would put the breaks on her career, lovers of Whitney Houston and proud Black folks all over would leave the theater feeling cheated and disappointed.
    If a suitable actress could not be found (and that would be difficult) the role should be left alone, Ms Houston’s life is a story in itself and can inspire many great stories yet to be written. If Meagan is cast and a film is released you can expect it to open in the top 15 or so and go down from there like the last bean pie at the Million Man March.
    I am a music and movie fan and not a paid critic, but if my opinion doesn’t matter…than who’s does?