The trend of our government focusing everything that goes on with women’s bodies except for whether those bodies are heading off to jobs in the economy continues.

The Virginia House has quietly passed through a “personhood bill” that is likely to make it through the Senate as well thanks to a Republican supermajority. The bill declares that human life begins at conception, meaning that the federal Roe vs. Wade decision granting women the right to choose would no longer be valid in Virginia; anyone who harmed a human fetus would be subject to criminal charges. One GOP representative took the House floor and said that most abortions come down to “matters of lifestyle convenience,” angering supporters of women’s rights.

The House also passed a bill that requires women to have a “transvaginal ultrasound” before having an abortion, a measure that Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, a Catholic and member of the GOP, has already promised to sign into law. Although he has not  confirmed or denied his support of the personhood bill, his political past suggests that he will sign that as well. While the personhood bill criminalizes abortion and the morning after pill, the ultrasound requirement is seen as an intervention meant to deter women from moving forward with their choices with good old fashioned guilt.

This is all so much effort and to-do for any elected officials to be making en masse when there are such large and looming problems that need attention! There is a long list of things we need our government to help us with that have nothing to do with female sexuality. These political moves at the expense of women are just disturbing.

Read more at USA Today.


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