The trend of our government focusing everything that goes on with women’s bodies except for whether those bodies are heading off to jobs in the economy continues.

The Virginia House has quietly passed through a “personhood bill” that is likely to make it through the Senate as well thanks to a Republican supermajority. The bill declares that human life begins at conception, meaning that the federal Roe vs. Wade decision granting women the right to choose would no longer be valid in Virginia; anyone who harmed a human fetus would be subject to criminal charges. One GOP representative took the House floor and said that most abortions come down to “matters of lifestyle convenience,” angering supporters of women’s rights.

The House also passed a bill that requires women to have a “transvaginal ultrasound” before having an abortion, a measure that Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, a Catholic and member of the GOP, has already promised to sign into law. Although he has not  confirmed or denied his support of the personhood bill, his political past suggests that he will sign that as well. While the personhood bill criminalizes abortion and the morning after pill, the ultrasound requirement is seen as an intervention meant to deter women from moving forward with their choices with good old fashioned guilt.

This is all so much effort and to-do for any elected officials to be making en masse when there are such large and looming problems that need attention! There is a long list of things we need our government to help us with that have nothing to do with female sexuality. These political moves at the expense of women are just disturbing.

Read more at USA Today.


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  • chinaza

    There is more to “human life” than just being alive so “human life” does not begin at conception.
    Technically a fetus is a biological parasite dependent on its mother so it can have no independent rights as a person.
    Note that this is purely scientific so don’t engage your emotions with the term “parasite”.

  • Nu

    I must say Thembi and to the rest of those that have commented that I am disturbed at your blindness not to see that abortion is and never was used as a women’s right. Abortion is population control and the people that are brainwashed to believe that they “must” have the “right” to abort a human life must do research. African American women have the highest number of abortions. What I find troubling is that twenty years ago the African American population of the United States was at around 12% to 13%, and guess what it still is. African American men are locked up at alarming rates and killed far to young… when are you going to see what is happening. Those that have endorsed this bill stated facts about Planned Parenthood diverting most funding to do abortions and not addressing REAL women’s issues such as assisting those in the community to raise their children and adoption. Also, when those that endorse this bill point out that African American women have the highest percent of abortions and that Planned Parenthood has most of their clinics situated in black communities (the ghettos) they are quickly shut down as if they said something so horrible. STAND UP AND ADDRESS THE NUMBERS AND REAL ISSUES, the African American Family has been decimated over the past 50 years.

  • Isis

    This is ridiculous. I dont want someone telling me what to do and not do with my body

  • Leelee

    I’ve always been pro-choice simply because I recognize that there are certain circumstances that need to be considered. Do the bills being considered and passed recognize those circumstances? I don’t think they do and that’s why I can’t agree. Having witnessed an 11-year-old girl struggle through a pregnancy her body couldn’t handle(she was raped) and eventually die because her grandparents were also of the persuasion that abortion is against their religion, I have to wonder who was there to be an advocate for the actual LIVING, sentient child. I honestly believe that by allowing that pregnancy to continue the grandparents murdered their grandchild; the dr. told them the score from the start. This tragedy made me reconsider my viewpoint. There has to be some kind of allowance for things like these.

    Something else I don’t understand. A lot of people are saying that the women who are having abortions need to protect themselves better or keep their legs closed( which as many rape victims will tell you, this is not always an option). How will women be able to do this when birth control is also under attack? How is it ok that a woman who was raped cannot go to the clinic and take a pill that will divert pregnancy?

  • Quiera

    I read these comments and most border between two extremes. The attack on birthcontrol is ludicrous as 99% of the US has used is and there’s only a very small minority against it. My view is – if you are sexually active, you know the deal, you know the risks, and the tools of prevention not removal. There are PLENTY of women (incl me in my late twenties) who do not have children either they have chosen to have an IUD implanted, tubes tied, birth control pills, abstinence etc but did not resort to abortion. Though we say it’s a this and that … you look at a fetus and there is such majesty in its build, that’s why I think abortion is not the way to go. When it comes to life threatening situations etc, that is a different case – that is life or death. But these little humans also deserve the chance to pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and not be subservient to the host’s mental state of what they can or cannot handle. We can handle more than we think, and thank God for my Mom having me and my sisters though it was not always “convenient” timing. Things work out in the long run if we pursue the right things in life and we can witch and complain about all types of socio-economic status but you can make it, and I’ve seen so many people make it, whom their parents were thinking of not having them.

    Birthcontrol should not be attacked bc it’s the carelesness in sexual lives that cause these “unwanted” children excl Caveat – for medical reasons.