I watched the first season of Braxton Family Values and as silly as it is I really enjoyed it. I haven’t been able to keep up with this season’s episodes and instead have been allowing myself a few spoilers here and there. Today I read that Trina’s husband Gabe was caught having a lot of cybersex, including some with a transgendered woman (who he denies having ever had cybersex with, but that’s beside the point). This is not the first time he’s cheated on his wife, and in a statement clearing things up Gabe stresses that he is not gay and links his lack of judgement to sexual addiction.

“I have NEVER resorted to same sex affairs or any physical affairs. I know that cheating is cheating and I am in no way making excuses. I am currently in therapy because I have a SEX Addiction Problem.”

So…you have a sex addiction but have not had physical sex with anyone. Ok.

Every time I hear someone use the word “addiction” linked to anything but the usual things like alcohol or drugs I have to un-learn what society has taught me about addiction, remind myself that addiction comes in all forms, and try to be sympathetic. I do believe that addiction is a serious disorder that can be treated and overcome. But sex addiction? I didn’t buy it when Eric Benet or Tiger Woods said it, and I don’t believe it when this dude does.

Of course there are some people who are truly sex addicts — people get addicted to everything from picking their own scabs to drinking water, so it stands to reason that something as fun as sex would be the center of addictive behavior for many. But sometimes I wonder if “I have a sex addicition,” is usually just code for “I like having a lot of sex and don’t care about the consequences,” for dudes who get caught seeking fulfillment outside of their relationships.

What do you think? Speak on it!

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