Sadly, funerals often bring out the nasty side in some families. From folks squabbling over money, to who gets to sit in the “family” limos, I’ve seen and heard about nearly every sort of horrible drama you can think of. But when the funeral is that of a megastar, things can get even trickier.

After rushing to comfort his daughter after Whitney Houston’s sudden death, TMZ is reporting that Bobby Brown isn’t being allowed to see, Bobbi Kristina, nor is he welcomed at Whitney’s invitation-only funeral this weekend.

TMZ reports:

Sources close to Bobby tell us he hasn’t connected with Bobbi Kristina since arriving in L.A. Sunday night — despite placing several phone calls and making an attempt to physically see her … early this morning.

We’re told Brown was turned away by Whitney’s family and friends … who are caring for BK at a home in the Los Angeles area.

According to our sources, Bobby is angry and frustrated because he only came to L.A. to care for 18-year-old Bobbi Kristina after she was hospitalized twice.

Earlier, Brown released a statement saying his daughter Bobbi Kristina is “doing much better”  after being rushed to the hospital and that he’d rather support her “outside the public eye.” A rep for Brown wouldn’t confirm TMZ’s reports.

As many grapple to find answers for Houston’s death, some have unfortunately pointed the finger at Bobby.

When the couple first married, many wondered what Whitney, America’s sweetheart, could have seen in bad boy Bobby Brown. And as he publicly struggled with substance abuse, many accused him of dragging Whitney down as well.

Although Bobby’s struggles were visible for all to see, it’s unfair (and just down right wrong) to blame him for “killing” Whitney, as some have done. None of us were privy to the pop star’s private life before and after Bobby came on the scene. Who knows how long she struggled with substance abuse and if she began abusing drugs just to keep up her hectic schedule long before they met.

While we wait for answers about what caused Whitney Houston’s death, I hope her family will allow Bobby to mourn with them. He also lost one of his great loves, and needs to be able to support his daughter through this difficult time.

What do you think?

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