The more of Solange I see the more I like her. Her style is so on point, I love that she wears her hair in a variety of natural styles, and when she speaks she makes actual sense (I know that last one is a pretty low bar but not everyone in the public eye does!). Most importantly, she’s an individual who is pursuing her own career and not in a frantic “I am more than just Beyoncé’s sister,” kind of way (you hear that Ray J?).

Solange is covering the UK magazine Rollacoaster just in time for London Fashion Week. The issue also features an interview with her, in which she shares her approach to being mother to her 7 year old son Julez and a new auntie. Even though motherhood has taught her a lot, she’s intent on leaving her sister alone to figure out her own version of being a mommy.

“It’s really important for every mother to find their own way… I think it’s the most annoying thing when you’re a new mum and you’re getting so much advice from other mothers! You just have to feel it out for yourself.”

Solange also explained why she’s content staying the less-famous Knowles.

“[Beyoncé] was and is such a role model, but I think more so it was an insane learning process for me to have a big sister like that – to be able to see the good, the bad and everything in between that comes with fame and success, and to know what I was getting myself into. I really enjoy my privacy and being able to walk my son to school every morning and pick him up every afternoon. I know that I couldn’t do that if I was at the next level – privacy, as you know, it just doesn’t belong to you anymore….I definitely made a conscious effort to stay as low key as I can and still do what I want to do.”

The issue will be available in its entirety next week.

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