One of the biggest beauty nightmares I’ve ever had is getting a new hairstyle, and not knowing how to maintain the look on my own. When I big chopped two years ago, I found myself in this exact position. I was constantly playing a guessing game when it came to choosing the right products to use, as I quickly realized that no matter how many YouTube videos and magazine articles that I read about on how to treat natural hair, you really have to learn how about your hair on your own. That involves trial and sometimes error, and can be expensive and time-consuming.

Well, this process just got a lot better because there’s a new service called curlBOX that caters to naturalistas. With this service, 5-7 luxury samples of the latest and best in natural hair care are sent to a subscriber’s home, every month, so you can test products before you permanently add them to your beauty cabinet without breaking the bank.

“After taking on beauty clients that focused on solutions for women with naturally curly hair, I was instantly exposed to a plethora of products. I’ve been to the World Natural Hair Show and many of the meet-ups and the conversations I had with each person I met were the same, they want results,” said Myleik Teele founder and president of curlBOX in a press release. She adds: “Where do you begin? One thing that works on someone’s hair that looks JUST like yours doesn’t work on yours; curlBOX will give women the opportunity to try several products for the price of one!”

To get in on this glam deal, all you have to do is visit www.curlbox.com, enter your e-mail address showing your interest in the service, and you’ll be sent a free VIP invitation.

Is this service on your beauty radar? Are you excited to have the option of at-home delivery of the latest in haircare?

-Margaret Francois

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