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As the b condoms team travels throughout the country, the team has come across hundreds of women with the same dilemma: they are having sex with men who prefer to wear condoms that are too big for them due to believing that they are larger than they really are, or from fear of carrying regular sized condoms. This is a huge problem, both psychologically and health-wise. From a heath perspective, wearing the correct sized condoms decreases the risk of unwanted pregnancies as well decrease the transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV. Also, from a psychological perspective, buying condoms labeled “Extra Large” just seems more tempting, even if a man is nowhere near it. When a man chooses to wear a condom that doesn’t fit him correctly, it may potentially boost his ego; however, the condom can easily slip off without you and your partner knowing. Likewise, wearing a condom that it too small can make your partner lose sensation and it can also break during intercourse, which can be painful for both you and your partner.

When shopping for condoms, it may require some experimentation to find the best condom for you.  This is especially true since almost every condom brand has its own definition of regular and large.  When other factors like whether a condom is ribbed, thin or contoured are taken into consideration, finding the best condom for you and your partner may take testing various types until you find the best fit.  At b condoms, we offer a Classic or traditional sized condom and a Platinum XL sized condom for the very well-endowed.  However, you can find all types of condoms at stores like Walgreens, CVS, Wal-Mart and adult shops.

So, how can you help your partner get over the size issue? Try some of these tips:

  • Ensure your partner that being safe is more important than the size of the condom he is wearing: Wearing a condom that fits properly will protect you from an unplanned pregnancy, and protect you both from the transmission of any STIs, including HIV. Also, wearing the properly sized condom can completely change how your partner experiences sex.
  • Focus more on the fun aspects of condoms: Besides size, condoms come in many varieties, including flavors (which should only be used for oral sex, as the sugary-ness of flavored condoms can irritate the vagina and the anus) as well as colors.
  • Try different types and styles: Ribbed condoms and condoms with a swirl or bulb at the end (which will usually be labeled as such on the box) can create more friction near the nerve endings of the penis. Also, polyurethane condoms can generate more body heat, and can create a more sensual experience.
  • Try different brands:  Just like the jean size you purchase from The Gap may have a completely different size label but the same feel a pair of similarly fitted jeans from Express, different brands and how they feel for your partner will vary. An “extra large” in one brand may look similar in size to a condom from another brand that’s labeled as smaller. Test them out and see which ones feel better for your partner.
  • Use the female condom: Female condoms work similarly to the male condom, but female condoms are inserted into your vagina rather than on your partner’s penis. Test out inserting it into your vagina a couple of times before you commit to using it during intercourse. Female condoms can be used for vaginal and anal sex, and, when cut in half, can also double as a dental dam for oral sex. Female condoms can also be inserted several hours before intercourse, and they are made out of polyurethane (which is safer for people with allergies to latex). Remember: Do not use a male condom and a female condom together, as the friction from both condoms will produce uncomfortable results.

How have you and your partner discussed condom size? What are some ways in which you and your partner have overcome the issue of condom size?

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