Barack Obama has taken an active role in Sasha and Malia’s basketball teams for his entire presidency, but who knew he was actually acting as a coach?

Michelle says that “he hasn’t missed a game,” of Sasha’s, which sounds like a lot to squeeze in considering his extra-long presidential to-do list. Sasha, 10, and Malia, 13 attend the prestigious Sidwell Friends School in D.C.

The cynic in me wants to ease up on my Obama family love because we all know that with the election right around the corner cameras aren’t just showing up at heartwarming First Family events by coincidence. But when I think about how much I struggled to participate in sports and how much of a difference it made for me when my dad got involved with the activities he had an inclination towards (my science projects were always killer), it’s so cute to see our President do the same for his daughter.

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