If you spend enough time browsing the greeting card section at Target, you’ll start to wonder who gets paid to come up with some of them. Case in point: a card that attempts to poke fun of Whitney Houston’s supposed downward spiral after marrying Bobby Brown with the words “next time you think of dating the bad boy, consider Whitney Houston.” Although the card was on shelves long before she died, it’s a good example of that “who thought this one up?” in action.

Target has decided to pull the now-inappropriate card, but even when I put myself in a pre-Whitney’s death state of mind the joke this card tries to make doesn’t exactly send me into belly laughs. I suppose the point that Janet Hubert tried to make about Wendy Williams speaking ill of Whitney when she was alive and trying to clean things up now that she’s gone applies to the greeting card industry as well as it does to talk show hosts.

What do you think?

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  • Cherish

    This is pathetic. Target, Wendy Williams, and the rest of society ought to be ashamed of themselves when they taunt a person for their personal gain/make the situation look good. Reminds of a t.v. quote:

    It doesn’t matter what you say about someone once they’re gone. What matters is how you treat them when they’re still here.

  • Alexandra

    Very disrespectful and tasteless. Why are people so sure Bobby caused her substance abuse battle?

  • Freebee33

    Would people still have the same adverse reaction to this card if Whitney Houston had not passed? I do recall people making a lot of ignorant comments and jokes about Whitney when she was living… I mean wasn’t the card available before her passing? Nobody made a peep about it then smh.

  • mamareese

    Yeah never is too soon for this distasteful mess. If that’s the case where is the Elvis and Kurt Cobain cards…..If you feel like popping pills remember Elvis. If you feel like blowing your brains out remeber Kurt Cobain. I’m saying if you are gonna go in on folks that died too soon or by their own device or lived a less than prefect life then do them all!

  • Some people are just crass and very inappropriate. I do not see the humor in this card AT ALL…