Tracy Morgan is drawing side-eyes (which he’s no stranger to) for his family’s claim that he refuses to bail his mother out of her $25,000 mortgage debt. His mother, Alicia Warden, lives in Ohio and lost her job last year. She told reporters that she is also in danger of having her car repossessed and electricity cut off, and if she does not make a mortgage payment by February 23 her home will enter foreclosure.

Yet Warden also told reporters that when her comedian son collapsed at the Sundance Film Festival recently, she only learned of the incident from the internet. The two are considered “estranged,” so she says that when she lost her job last year and asked Tracy for money, one of his employees called and offered a “one shot deal” of $2,000. Asia Morgan, Tracy’s sister, explained that her mother is in failing health and thinks that the least someone with his kind of money could do — the star is worth an estimated $18 million — is help out with what would be “a drop in the bucket” for him. She also added that he’s never been a nice person anyway.

Is it just me or is there something funky about this situation? Don’t get me wrong, if my mother needed anything on this earth I’d do all I could to make sure she had it, and that’s the gut-reaction many of us probably have when reading this story. But doesn’t the word estranged mean that there is no relationship and therefore she shouldn’t expect a dime? It seems easier on the conscience to just send her the money and be done with it, and that’s probably what I’d do, but that’s also how folks in his position end up broke. A little handout here, a little handout there, and before you know it Tracy Morgan is filing for bankruptcy.

It’s sad that Tracy Morgan doesn’t get along with his mom, and I can only wonder what’s behind that, but my only side-eye is reserved for his mother and sister putting all of this information out to the media in an attempt to shame him.

What do you think of this story? Would you bail a family member out if you had millions?

Read more at MSNBC.

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  • Tracy should go ahead and just pay the debt for his mother. No matter what she’s done, he should do it this one time and make some type of official statement. Or come out about the problems in his family to someone like Oprah to get the thing cleared up. Because the media will crush him as a black man, whether it’s his fault or not.

    Since the family brought it this far in the media, Tracy ought to finish it off in his own defense. Give her the money, make a show of it, then that will shut her and his sister up. But hiding it will make them more powerful in this game they’re playing.

    The truth alone is what sets us free. Set up an interview and speak to Oprah, Tracy. You guys are friends. She’ll be fair and balanced in the telling.

    • CaliDreaming86

      He shouldn’t go ahead and do anything he doesn’t want to. No matter what his mother may have done, he should do it this one time?

      I’m sorry, but attitudes like this are the reason abusive parents, especially abusive mothers are overlooked.

      He doesn’t need to come out about the problems in his family to get them cleared up. It’s nobody’s business but their own. Again, he doesn’t need to give her the money and if he does and they (the mother and sister) don’t shut up, then what?

      What is your obsession with having him talk to Oprah?

  • Randy

    Quit blaming mom. No matter what – if it were not for his mother, Tracy would not be alive in the first place. After all, she did not abort him. Tracy Morgan has 18,000,000 dollars! He is a cheap creep – period. Tracy if you can read this – please bail out your mom. You only have one mom, one dad, and one life. OK, so you are not a nice man – get over it and do the right thing. Please.