black woman in a braYou know what the absolute BEST time of day is? Not the end of work, or when I’m kicking back watching my favorite shows, or even when I savor every last spoonful of my dessert. But the most wonderful time of day, for me, is the moment I take off my bra.

Bras are a necessary evil, especially if you’re on the north side of a Double-D as I am. Although I know I have to wear one–at all times–they truly annoy the hell out of me. Not only are they uncomfortable (yes, even the “comfortable” ones), but they are a complete hassle.

Bras dictate which outfit you can wear, what kind of bathing suit you can rock (underwire for me), and for some, how much money you have to spend on the rest of your outfit.

I can’t tell you how jealous I am of the women who can waltz into Target and pick up a no-name, cheap bra and look totally fine. Or even better, the chicks who can go braless without looking obscene and out of place. But no. Being ample-breasted means I can’t drop $20 on a  bra and be good, but rather I have to get measured and try on multiple “over the shoulder boulder holders” just to see which ones will make me look as normal and as non-torpedo like as possible.


I hate bras.

How about you?

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  • GIRRRRRRLLLL, me and you both! The first thing I do is take off my shoes and then my bra when I get home….I am content without that thing on :-)

    So glad someone shares my pain and totally feel me!! LOL


  • Melissa

    I stopped trying to find the right sports bra to exercise. I wear those tanks that come with the bra underneath and wear another (flexible) bra underneath the tank. Serena Williams usually has two sports bras on, one waist length and another one underneath. I just copy her support style!

  • sholla21

    Wow I guess miles vary. I love bras. It’s not even a question when you have heavy breasts. I need all the support I can get, lol.

  • I hate them too! My boobs are 32DDD and one is slightly bigger so I can never find anything to fit. But I could not go a day without my sports bra!!