A lot happened while the world was tuning into the Grammys. While many of us waited for Jennifer Hudson’s Whitney Houston tribute, it seems like Oprah was trying to drum up support for her network, OWN.

Sunday night, Oprah asked her Twitter followers to tune into her network, “especially if u have a Nielson box.” The tweet drew criticism from users who felt she was “desperate” and “begging” for viewers, and it even caught the attention of the Nielson rating agency because it is against the rules to ask viewers with boxes to alter their viewing habits.

Oprah later deleted the tweet “at the request of Nielsen,” and apologized, saying: “I intended no harm and apologize for the reference.”

OWN has struggled to attract viewers to her network since it launched last year. Although she enjoyed generous viewership through her TV show, her popularity has failed to carry over to OWN. She recently decided to take a more prominent role on the network in an attempt to help attract viewers, but it remains to be seen if it will work.

Is Oprah “desperate” for viewers? 

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  • Libby

    What’s the big deal? A close mouth don’t get fed. She did not offer them a car.

  • eh….I don’t know why Oprah is all about the ratings. She has already made HISTORY! I really wish her the best but she needs to just be content with what she gets. It’s A-OKAY. You done made history woman. Now shock us with baby news-A Green Ivy perhaps.

  • edub

    Yes, she is. She has advertisers breathing down her neck. No advertisers = no OWN.

  • Justina

    The problem with OWN is the content. She has shows on there that already aired on other channels. Like hoarders, coupon cutters and other TLC programs. Everytime I put it on OWN I end up changing the channel because it is boring or unappealing. If she changes the content of her shows, puts on new shows with different content and selects better and more interesting people to interview it would help.

    However, I am not sure if I am one to ask these days because I find a lot of these cookie cutter programs to be so boring.