The White House just released the latest employment statistics, which show a 0.2 percent decrease in overall unemployment and a whopping 2% drop — from 15.8 to 13.6 percent — in unemployment for blacks. This is the fifth straight month in a row that unemployment has declined for the general population, but the first time in months that the situation has improved for black America.

The data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics also shows that not only are wages increasing, but speculation that the December increase in employment was due to holiday hiring turned out to be incorrect. In reality, the professional, healthcare, and hospitality/leisure sectors are leading economic growth. President Obama will address the nation today to discuss these numbers and unveil a new plan to put veterans to work restoring and building roads, trails, and levees on public lands across the country.

The ironic part is that this drop in unemployment will add greatly to Barack Obama’s chances for re-election, yet the demographic that should be most impressed by these results — namely blacks — is already likely to vote Obama in 2012. Either way, things are looking up, and that’s always good news!

Read more from the U.S. Department of Labor and MSNBC.

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  • And yet people are still going to be yelling at Obama: Where are the jobs? Umm, those Republicans and Tea Partiers you voted into office promised jobs, yet it wasn’t their legislation and work that actually delivered.

  • just a thought

    I am very glad there has been some turn around in terms of employment. I’m also hopeful that even a little improvement will mean great things for President Obama.

    Just one small thought I think we all should keep in mind as far as the jobs thing goes..The statistics we are given don’t usually include people who have outright given up looking for jobs (discouraged workers) and/or people who are underemployed (part time workers who can’t get full time hours). The unemployment rate may be going down but after you factor in these two large groups it is more like 17-20%. I read this in an article and then one of my grad professors brought it up and it made sense to me. So many people in my life are underemployed or jobless…

    Which explains why the “unemployment rate” is going down but it still feels like there are no jobs and things are still quite tough financially for so many people.

  • fuchsia

    Woot woot! Glad to see good news for a change.