February is often associated with love, romance, and history, being home to Valentine’s Day, Presidents Day, and Black History Month. But it’s also known in the legal world for a different reason: it’s the most popular month for divorce.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, AttorneyFee released an infographic breaking down the ins and outs of the end of marriage.

Some interesting facts from the infographic:

  • 50% of all marriages end in divorce
  • 80% of divorces are based on a one-sided decision
  • 1 in 5 divorce cases now cite Facebook for evidence
  • The least popular month for divorce? October
  • People in the South have higher divorce rates than those in the North East
  • The average cost of divorce: $18,000

Check out the infographic for more details.

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Why do you think Febuary is the most popular month for divoce?

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  • People in the SOUTH have a ^divorce rate than those in the NORTH?! That right thurr is SHOCKING. Perveted Alchemist, I don’t think we can continue our romance based on these stats provided honey bun!(feenin for one!!!!)

  • I was JUST joking with someone about cuffing season, and how sept/oct is the time for getting together, April is the time for break-ups (just in time for SPRING BREAK!) and February is like the make-or-break point. LOL….

  • I think things like Valentine’s day and romantic comedies are a part of the reason why divorce rates are so high. We’re too often fed this unrealistic idea of love and what it should be and just give up or call it quits when things get too hard. On the other side of things, a lot of people marry for the sake of it being what you’re “supposed to do”, to live up to that fairytale, to make their lives complete or because they’ve been dating someone for 5 years and that’s the “next step”. Ugh. Why do people act like life, love and relationships are so linear? Whatevs!