When the news broke that Vanessa and Kobe Bryant were divorcing it took the debate over gold diggers and alimony to a new level. But it looks like all of our back and forth was in vain, as Vanessa showed up at last night’s Lakers game rocking a revealing red dress, tossed up Valentine’s Day hair, and a come hither look that only means one thing: reconciliation. TMZ¬†photographers even snapped a pic of the two smooching!

Vanessa may have been the one to file for the divorce but it doesn’t become final until June. He cheated, she got some great lawyers and secured herself a $75 million divorce settlement plus several homes. Everything is even stevens, right?¬†Hmmm.

What people do with their marriages is really nobody’s business, but it’s odd that not even a month after the divorce settlement this pair is already making moves to get back together. I’ve been there, believe me…sometimes getting back together with an ex sounds like a great idea until you realize that all of the reasons you broke up with them are still there. But my break-ups have only consisted of returning a few-raggedy t-shirts and bootleg DVDs — no huge homes, no public images, and most importantly no children.

There must be some strong feelings there to think about undoing a multi-million dollar settlement to get that old thing back, but how does any couple move forward after making such a huge gesture to live life apart?

What do you think of Vanessa and Kobe rekindling their relationship?

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