It’s been three years since Vogue rolled out  L’Uomo’s Africa issue dedicated to the continent’s style. And according to Vogue Italia’s Editor-in-Chief, Franca Sozzani, another one is in the works.

The first Africa-themed L’Uomo issue was released in November 2008 and paid homage to fashion and style of many of the continent’s countries. But this time, Sozzani says this issue will delve deeper and take a look at more than just fashion.

“It will be about the presidents, it will be about the people. But in a very positive way. I don’t want to say in a glamourous way, but I wanted to show the best side, but only the good side,” Sozzani said. “There are a lot of talents, a lot of talented people in art, in music, in cinema and everywhere. So I really wanted to push that side.”

While many have praised Sozzani and Vogue Italia for its issues dedicated to black style, things haven’t always gone so smoothly.

Last year the magazine’s website came under fire for their write-up of “Slave earrings” which claimed to celebrate the “traditions of women of colour who were brought to the Southern United States during the slave trade.” Sozzani apologized for the posting, but the damage was done.

I’m sure Sozzani hopes this issue of L’Uomo will help correct that misstep and once again put global black style back in the forefront.

L’Uomo’s Africa-themed issue will reportedly hit newsstands in May or June. And I can’t wait to see it!

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