I’m not sure if there’s anything Donald Glover can’t do. From starring in NBC’s hit comedy Community, to dropping hit 16s and lighting up comedy clubs, Donald Glover is a new school renaissance man.

Last year Glover aka Childish Gambino dropped his debut album Camp and he recently released a video for ‘Heartbeat,” a song about breaking up. He previously told MTV that he wanted the video to “convey the feeling that’s in the song” by confusing the viewer.

Watch the video and let us know if it worked! 

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  • This boy right hurrr IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRKS me to no ends of the earth. Why you ask. I discovered dude’s music early last year, and the song I listened to had me aghast. Throughout the song he kept bringing out his penis. He kept talking about how big it is blah blah blah. May be it was a play on words, or it was some metaphoric shit. But he just ANNOYED me for being so narcissistic.

  • Kim

    At one time I loved Donald Glover until I went to one of his comedy shows and felt so left out as a black woman. He seemed to have such a grudge towards us. He spoke about how none of us wanted him, and how much he loved mixed women and white girls. I mean like dam I did not pay $25 to leave the show feeling like I did.

    • specom

      GOOD, he did his job. I seriously doubt his aim is to ENTERTAIN. Guys like him are SUPPOSED to make you feel uncomfortable sometimes. Otherwise he’s just some clown telling jokes…

  • M5

    I bought Camp because I really feel Glover’s penchant for busting stereotypes. Turns out dude can really rap!! I mean C’mon, how could you not be won over by lines like “…took the beat and murdered it. Casey Anthony”. He’s the real deal.