Alison McDonaldTired of the single black female meme? So are we! But no matter how hard we try to forget, some of us are single and seeking.

Instead of listening to yet another relationship expert give us faulty advice about what we should be doing or watching a film by a man about lonely black women,  one woman is taking the matter into her own hands.

Because the web is increasingly becoming where we can share our own stories, veteren comedy writer Alison McDonald, and sister to Broadway star Audra McDonald, has created her own hilarious web show called She Got Problems.

McDonald describes the show as an offbeat comedy that “follows the travails of a haplessly wanton African-American writer who’s determined to resuscitate her moribund love life.” And because McDonald isn’t trying to pander to stereotypes, she makes it known that She Got Problems’ protagonist is “neither a humble maid, nor an emasculating judge, nor a sassy, streetwise and illiterate  fill-in-the-blank.”

Now we can get with that!

Watch the trailers for Alison McDonald’s She Got Problems and Allison is Having A Really Bad Day.

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  • BeautyIAM

    Love it, love it, love it!!! Its great to see the “woes” of a black woman being told in a comical way. This what we need more of. Black people telling their own stories in their own voice.

  • Donald K Sumner

    Maybe, if you were not a male-height-concerned b****, you would have found someone by now! HEIGHTIST…

  • Srenda

    I’m into it! We need more artistic ways of telling these stories.

  • yeathatsme

    i could get into this