The Couple, a new web show about to the intricacies of a couple living together, is gearing up for its Valentine’s Day release.

As they prepare for the premiere, the show’s creators have released several minisode teasers. We’ve featured the previous mini-episodes in the past (here), and we eagerly await yet another smart, well-made web show.

Just like the Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl and 12 Steps to Recovery, The Couple is yet another example of black writers and directors taking to the web to get their art heard.

Check out the fourth minisode of ‘The Couple’ and let us know what you think.

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  • M12Casey

    I agree with him about the toothpaste. I don’t get why couples share one tube though. I would just have my own and this whole thing can be avoided.

  • Oneal

    I’ve seen all their episodes leading to this one and I have to admit I am not impress…Their are other web shows that are funnier more interested than this one. Also the person hold or the person who position the camera should have know that the young man top portion of his head was cut off in the footage..SMH.

    Although they may touch on a few things that couples argue or dispute about I find this show boring. Needs to be spice up.