I’ve been in love with the blog Street Etiquette for a while now.

The site, which showcases the diversity of  black male style, is not only chock full of eye-candy, but also pushes the boundaries of what most consider an “acceptable” expression of  black masculinity.

Recently, Street Etiquette released the editorial, “Crowned,” which takes a look at black men and their hair.

Unlike black women, whose hair has been debated and discussed at length, this editorial shines a light on the brothas, who–apparently–have their own questions, hang-ups, and issues with their hair.

Check out a few flix from the beautifully shot editorial:

Check out the rest of ‘Crowned’ by Street Etiquette on their website.

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  • overseas_honeybee

    Love them :) Very nice. Their visuals are always amazing.

  • AllisonMG

    Love men with hair! Love Jesse Boykins III! Love! Lol

  • Okay. I LOOOOVE this blog already…I’ve browsed it in the past. Will bookmark it now. Just so some eye candy that I might wanna holla at.

    Now onto the real question. What in the name that is in using a comb is that lopsided blow dried the eff out, brother in the geek glasses tryna tell me?! What?! That he is stylish, that his hair has its own flow to the wind?! Brotherman, you look like….. I’m sooooweeeeyyy-that hurrrr needs to be COMBED!

  • Bisous

    LOVE Street Etiquette!!!

  • Netta