There’s something about Valentine’s Day that brings out the worst in people.

Judging by my Facebook news feed yesterday, there are a lot of bitter broads out there, and quite honestly, I’m sick of it. They’re starting to bring me down.

I mean, I get it.

A lot of my sisteren have been done dirty in the love game. They’ve given their all to unworthy dudes. They’ve put up with some ignorant man’s bulls*it. They’ve washed his dirty drawls until one day he packed up his duffel bag and bounced (peace to Maxine Shaw). So yes…I get it. But lemme ask you this:

How is being bitter working out for you?

Skeptical of love? I get that. Weary? I feel you. Apprehensive and love-shy? Yup, I understand that, too.

But how does one allow oneself to get to a point where you absolutely detest the thought of someone loving you?

Bitterness isn’t cute. (And I don’t just mean being in pain, I mean downright spitting on love, saying “f*ck cupid” and “ALLLLLLLL men/women ain’t ish” type bitter. You know, the serious kind.).

As people, we are not solitary creatures. We are made to live in communities, to love somebody, to coexist. So swearing off all man/womankind because the last knucklehead did the ‘Cupid Shuffle’ on your heart is not only fair to the one who may be really trying to love you, but it’s also contrary to how we are at our core.

I understand wanting to take a break from dating. Hell, we’ve all been there.

But there’s a looooong distance between taking a break from “the game” and shitting on everyone else’s love-filled parade.

Folks, bitterness never led to anything positive.

Think about it. How many people do you know that are completely broken by the past? Are they living a happy life or are they wallowing in what happened to them way back in 2002?

Being single is not synonymous with being angry and bitter. We’re proof of that.

But the next time your friends (or, God forbid you), gets into Bitter Betty (or Bitter Billy) mode, hit them with this T.I. quote:

“Is you happy?”

What do you think? Why do people wallow in bitterness when it’s one of the least helpful emotions in our toolbox? 


*Via WhoUCallinABitch

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