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According to recent reports, Whitney Houston may have died from overdosing on Xanax, drinking too much alcohol, and/or drowning in her hotel room bathtub. While many people may have heard of Xanax, very few actually understand how it works and how it could be fatal if used under the wrong circumstances. As numerous Black Americans experience mental health disorders and choose to self-medicate, Whitney Houston’s death asks a larger question. Do we have a growing problem with combining prescription and recreational drugs? Or is Whitney’s death a rarity for our community?

So what is Xanax? It’s a drug that works to slow down chemicals in the brain in order to reduce nervous tension. It’s primarily used to reduce anxiety disorders, panic disorders, and anxiety caused by depression. But its creators also ask for people to take precaution in choosing to take it under certain circumstances. If you’re pregnant, you shouldn’t take Xanax, as it could harm the unborn baby. You shouldn’t take Xanax if drinking, as it could increase the effects of alcohol consumption. And if you have a history of depression, suicidal thoughts, and addiction to drugs or alcohol, Xanax could be detrimental, as it has become an addictive drug for many.

Under these circumstances, it’s questionable why Whitney’s doctor would’ve prescribed this drug knowing her long battle with recreational drug addiction. Xanax’s creators have reported side effects such as depressed moods, suicidal thoughts, unusual sleep patterns, drowsiness, appetite or weight changes, amongst numerous other potential circumstances that would’ve caused Whitney’s ongoing recovery to take a step back.

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  • LN

    I don’t think it’s questionable why her doctor’s would prescribe Xanax,
    as any anxiety or pain medication all have the same side effects. Read the label to your Midol or Tylenol bottle. All medicine should be taken with precaution. You shouldn’t drink alcohol with any type of prescription medication. It’s amazing how many people die from prescription medicine each year. People need to take responsibility for their actions. Use your medicine for what it’s prescribed. Don’t abuse and misuse and say the doctor’s shouldn’t have prescribed. I was prescribed depression medicine(like zanax) because I have problem sleeping. I don’t have depression, but because that is a side effect of the drug(drowsiness), that’s what I was prescribed (in low dosage). I took half a pill for the first time and i did not like the way it made me feel. I slept like a baby, but upon waking up, i didn;t enjoy the sie effects, so I discontinued. So I did my own research and made a choice not to take the prescribed medicine. Unfortunately I still can’t sleep, but at least i’m alive. Many folks suffer from anxiety and are on this medicine and are doing fine but when you add alcohol and whatever else, the results are more than likely negative. May Ms.Houston RIP, but she is the only one responsible for her actions (if in fact drug abuse is a cause of death).

    • S.Tyler

      I couldn’t agree with this more. I am not downplaying her death at all, because it is truly tragic and devastating, but prescription pills are nothing to play with. I too have found that certain painkillers I’ve had prescribed (for dental work, a surgery last year, fractured toe) make me feel weird. Like high. I only took what I really needed to get through the first really painful days, and then after that I was done. Every medication is not for everyone. People have to check behind their doctors. Information on the internet is free – check your stuff out before things become a problem. Also, it clearly states on just about every medication bottle I’ve ever had/seen that it should not be taken with alcohol.

    • D-Chubb

      I couldn’t disagree more. Physicians should be aware of how they are prescribing medications. That’s why they ask you your medical history and what other medications you are taking. They are supposed to make sure that they don’t interfere with each other. These psychotropic drugs are extremely potent and dangerous. It was irresponsible for any physician to prescribe medications such as these to a person with a known history of illicit drug and alcohol abuse. That’s like lighting a fuse to a powderkeg and hoping it doesn’t blow.

      There are other ways to treat anxiety that could have been attempted, like meditation and intensive therapy. Unfortunately, for the past decade or so, any medical doctor can prescribe psychiatric drugs like anti-depressives, etc. It’s not the sole domain of psychiatrists. Medical doctors, who are NOT trained to properly diagnose and treat mental issues like anxiety, trauma, and depression, can drug you. They get out the DSM-IV, play spot the symptom, and give you a pill for whatever it is they think you have. Therapy be damned.

  • Elena

    Her death and Xanax isn’t some black problem because the majority of prescription drug abusers are white not black so don’t drag the black community in this,she’s just one pf the FEW not all of us.

    • browniegirl360

      Exactly, tired of everyone painting us all with the same brush.

  • I know several people that take or have taken Xanax. I think the issue is, like with many celebrities who have died too soon, there seems to be a lack of moderation between prescription drugs alone or mixed with alcohol/other drugs as well as a lack of education on the true dangers of improperly managing prescription meds.. Self-medicating is such a controversial thing and at times can be a cop out if you have not taken the measures to find another way to take care of whatever health issues you may be facing before seeking medication. We don’t know for sure what it is that killed Whitney just yet so I’m not going to judge her (I wouldn’t either way) but it is definitely an unfortunate thing. I think more awareness needs to be raised for this type of thing. Prescription drugs are so dangerous they are starting to seem like they harm more than they help. Is temporarily curing anxiety worth the risk of your life?


  • fasho

    It’s the underlying issues that need to be addressed. When people abuse something there is a reason, most are trying to constantly relive a feeling mainly to suppress an issue. I don’t know her deepest darkest secrets so I can’t say exaclty why she resorted to drugs, pills and liquor but there was some deep underlying issues. I pray that Bobbi has a strong support system to help her cope this is a lot to go through at 18 and the fact that she will never have privacy magnifies the issue.