Plan B


Let’s face it, sometimes our laid plans AND immediate back up plan doesn’t work out. What happens then? Do you give up because your first and second ideas didn’t get the job done, or do you come up other methods that might get you through?

Too many times people give up on their dreams because whatever they thought was the route, turned out to be a dead end. But remember: there are multiple roads up a mountain, and even if the one you’re on runs out, switch to another or pull out your gear and hike up that thing yourself.

You CAN make it.

Happy Thursday, Clutchettes!

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  • i really love these!

  • May

    Love it!!

  • NaCole

    Keep these coming. Very Uplifting.

  • Velma

    I needed to see this. After finally deciding to complete my bachelor’s degree in social work, I graduated in 2009. Only to not being able to find a job in the field out here in California, because you need a MSW to get your LCSW, and other types of social worker positions (eligibility workers, etc) are pretty much taken by those who don’t have a degree and speak spanish. Why pay a BSW when a high school grad will do the work for much less?

    So my plans for grad school are now to go back to school for an R.N. associates degree and work as a nurse and then go to grad school to get my MSW. I’ll be able to work part time as a nurse to pay for living costs and bills. I was so heartbroken that my plan A didn’t work, but I am moving forward keeping my focus.