A wise Canadian once said: “… You don’t do it for the men. Men never notice.” Welp, he lied that time. It’s true, guys are generally aloof to the minute details of our daily primping; raise your hand if it’s ever taken your boo a couple days to notice that new hairstyle you could’ve sworn was drastic. Uhhhh huh. But, there are certain things that they don’t hesitate to take note of, and speak out against. Allure Magazine polled a group of our counterparts to get the scoop on beauty “mistakes” women make that are the ultimate turn-offs. Here are a few of the ones that stuck out from the list. Are you guilty?

Sidenote: I get that some of these pointers should come as a given, but there are a couple that I am still not willing to compromise on. *glances down at bright teal and highlighter yellow nails as I type this. NO shame in my game.*

– Chelsea Smith

From Allure:

CAKED-ON BASE – Painting layers of foundation, tinted moisturizer, concealer, and powder on your face will rub off on your collar…and his. Stick with a lightweight foundation, remove any obvious makeup with a damp sponge, and dab concealer just over blemishes or redness. Men—and their dry-cleaning bills—will thank you.

OVERDONE EYELASHES – When poorly done, the Kardashian effect can turn into the spidery effect. We’re talking clumpy, flaky, and otherwise arachnid-esque. A few falsies applied to the outer corners make your eyes look wide, innocent, and sexy, without looking like they could walk on their own.

STICKY LIP GLOSS – There are lip glosses that moisturize with a subtle sheen, and there are those that are so sticky they could glue together broken glass. Keep your lips kissable with a gloss like Yves Saint Laurent Gloss Pur—it lasts for hours and isn’t the least bit sticky.

SMOKY-EYE OVERLOAD – It starts off innocently enough: It’s just you, an eye-shadow palette, and a mirror. But things can get ugly fast when heavy, dark shadows are piled on top of each other. Create a subtle, sexy smoky eye by slightly smudging black eyeliner along the rims of your eyes.

NEON, DARK, AND PATTERNED MANICURES – If your manicure is black, glittery, glows in the dark, or is any combination thereof, men are intimidated. Or just kind of freaked out. Play it safe with a timeless red like Nars in Dovima or a pale neutral like Essie in Mademoiselle.

To check out the full list, head over to Allure.com

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