Naturally dry hair not only needs regular deep conditioning treatments, but an occasional rest from heat styling tools. Heat tools may lead to a sleek hairstyle — but add in a chemical processing treatment, like a relaxer, and voilà! You could be looking at some serious damage.

Protective styles, like a simple bun, are great options for relaxed women looking to keep the heat at bay. But while the almighty bun is a great protective hairdo, it can get monotonous. A roller set is another healthy option, but some don’t always have the time to sit under a hooded dryer.

If avoiding the heat is putting your relaxed tresses in a style slump, take a look at these easy DIY options.

Revisit the basics.

Remember when your mother sent you to school in braids?  It may be time to revisit this. Update this youthful style by trying different types of braids like a basic fishtail. For a little more drama, add some extra hair like Rihanna. You can also go international and try a Dutch, French, or Grecian braided style. The possibilities are endless.


  • It’s simple and it lasts. Just be sure to put a silk scarf on at night
  • You don’t need to use any heat styling tools
  • There are so many braided styles to choose from, so you can look different everyday
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