We’ve been following the case of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed Florida teen who was shot down by an overzealous neighborhood watch captain, since last week. With each piece of new evidence it’s hard to understand why the man who shot Martin, George Zimmerman, is still allowed to walk the streets freely and has yet to be charged with a crime. The recently released 911 calls from that evening are the most disturbing and damning piece of information yet — you can clearly hear police tell Zimmerman not to pursue Martin, him choosing to do so anyway, Martin’s screams for help, and the gunshots that ended his life. The audio, found here, is a heartbreaking call to action.

In addition to that call, witnesses have come forward to dispute the official version of events. One witness says that she was “corrected” by a police officer when she said that she heard Trayvon Martin screaming — he insisted that it was actually Zimmerman. Austin McLendon, a 13 year old black teen, told reporters that not only has he had a hard time moving past witnessing the incident, but he feels in his gut that racial stereotypes are at the root of the incident.

Mainstream news outlets such as CBS and NBC have finally picked up the story and are joining the public in wondering whether the Sanford police department covered up this crime and why Zimmerman has not yet been charged. The Martin family has been successful in attracting a response from the FBI, who told ABC News: “We are aware of the incident, we have been in contact with local authorities and are monitoring the matter.”

We will continue to keep you updated on this tragic case.


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  • Megnjohnsmom

    Wow some of those were very hard to listen to. What I would like to know is why did this Zimmerman person call and act like he was chasing if he had arleady shot him? Sounds like a cover up more then self defense to me. Very sad and thisman needs to be punished for his actions. An inncoent young mas armed man who with nothing more then skittles and and and ice tea was gunned downed for walking home with his hoodie up becin eause, it was raining by a man who was in charge if the Neighborhood Watch Group. Something is wrong with this picture. Very very sad…. I hope that this family gets some justice and some peace…God bless them and may their child rest in peace in Gods loving arms.

  • StaceyStacey

    I haven’t looked into all the information about this story but it sounds pretty bad. No one deserves to be confronted just for walking along. Another person doesn’t have the right to interfere with where you choose to be, what you choose to do or when you choose to do it as long as you haven’t broken the law. And if there is a question as to whether you have broken the law, it’s best left to authorities to investigate, absent any threat. How can you be challenged for something you haven’t even done yet by someone who doesn’t have the right to inquire? To me, it’s not just race, or who has the right to carry weapons…but it’s more plainly that we all have the right to live our lives with privacy, dignity and freedom. I don’t care what someone’s race is. I just want to live my life in peace. And it sounds like Zimmerman deprived Mr. Martin of that- in which case he deserves the severe and full weight of all consequences for his poor choice….not the privilege of walking around freely among those who haven’t sinned against an innocent man and against the common peace.

  • minna

    i don’t know why you are so disgusted. although white people have been associated historically with racism they have no monopoly on this twisted world view and being hispanic does not exempt someone from having the same perception of others. this is the state of mind i was referring to. and i never said anything about anyone being better than anybody. i did describe the threat these insecure individuals feel in the presence of people who are different from themselves which puts them in a constantly paranoid head space. i would think as a teacher you would understand this, or at least quote me correctly. you did neither. if this is how you communicate with your students i would hate to be in your class.