One month ago, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was murdered as he was walking back to his father’s home in Sanford, FL. Although the teen was carrying just money, Skittles, and an iced tea, George Zimmerman–Tayvon’s murderer–claims he shot Martin in self-defense. Despite the 911 tapes, conflicting stories and witnesses that say they heard Trayvon calling for help, police decided not to arrest Zimmerman after he killed the teen.

Since Trayvon’s death, his story has spread across the world. Thousands have turned out in protests across the country calling for police to file charges against Zimmerman. Because of Sanford PD’s inaction and apparently mishandling of the case, both the Department of Justice and the Florida state’s attorney have stepped in, and last week Florida Gov. Rick Scott appointed a special prosecutor.

Over the weekend, George Zimmerman’s lawyer and friends have been coming forward to publicly support their friend. One supporter, Joe Oliver–who happens to be black–claims Zimmerman is not a racist (because…he has black friends) and acted in self defense.

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While Oliver, Zimmerman’s friend, claims George “virtually lost his life, too” and is remorseful about that night, one thing is clear: the world will continue to watch this case’s developments and many will continue to demand justice for Trayvon Martin.

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