Top Left Clockwise: Auboni Champion Morrin, Miguel, Krystal Tanner

The stories of missing black women an children all too-often end in tragedy or remain open, leaving families wondering what happened to their loved ones. Auboni Champion-Morin, a Houston woman whose eight-month-old son went missing in 2004, always hoped for the best, but when her infant’s case was closed in 2006 it looked like she’d be one of the ones left wondering. That is, until Wednesday when authorities reported that the child had been found eight whole years later.

Miguel Morrin went missing while being watched by his godmother Krystal Rochelle Tanner, who has now been arrested for having kidnapped him. The now 26-year-old woman was a suspect in Miguel’s disappearance at the time, but all of her friends and relatives claimed that she’d simply vanished. In a stroke of luck, police tracked her down a few hundred miles outside of Houston to investigate reports that she and her boyfriend were neglecting other children in the home. They eventually connected her with Miguel’s abduction, and realized that they’d solved a long-cold case. Most disturbingly, the authorities say that when they found the boy Tanner had been calling him every name except Miguel, including “Dirty,” and that the child has never been in school.

This child and those who care for him have a long road of healing ahead, but Auboni Champion-Morin will be reunited with her son later this week.

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